Welcome Back!
Our first Sunday back in the sanctuaries will be Sunday, February 21st. To worship in our sanctuaries in the safest ways possible we are going to adhere to the following expectations:
1) If you are feeling unwell, please worship from home. This goes not just for anything COVID related but also something as simple as the common cold or influenza. We are in the season of the year where these illnesses thrive the most and so we must show the love and respect to our brothers and sisters by not intentionally exposing them to something.
2) We will not pass offering plates but instead will have a stationed area or two within the building where your tithes and offerings may be placed.
3) We will continue to require face coverings to be worn, as we had done previously.
4) When we participate in communion, we will continue to use the pre-packaged
5) We will continue to adjust our practices as we receive more information and guidance from our Conference leadership and the medical professionals at our disposal.
6) Online worship will continue on Facebook, YouTube and our website at wellumc.com.
Our Sunday Service Times Will Be:
- Benton @ 9am
- Waller @ 10am
- Town Hill @ 10:15am
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